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Having Issues With EMU Being Overloaded and lagging


So I was tasked with timecoding an hour long set using Ableton MIDI to EMU. Using an M1 Macbook pro 8 core16 gb ram, an enttec dmx usb pro 512 & 12 AX1 Astera tubes (28Ch mode)

For each song, I would make a new bank, and for all the cues, programs. 

Never used EMU prior to this but was able to get what I wanted out of it... though... through much frustration, trial and error. Speaking of which, I would be happy to send notes for improvements that could be made, mainly to do with UI and functionality, Anywho! Back to my main issue. As I got halfway through programming the set, all of sudden almost all my programs would lag, the start of chases would look very choppy and offset timing. From what I could tell, it could run the complicated programs I made but it would lag at the beginning when selected. Essentially anything to do with chases/automating channels would cause the program to lag. I don't believe it's a computer issue as I was taking about 5-8% CPU with Ableton & EMU running.

Even though EMU is a bit of b*tch to program with, if again I ever needed to timecode a smaller budget show I would ideally  choose EMU. But! With how it handled the hour long set, I'm not sure that's possible for me.

Would love to hear back.


Also to mention! Ableton MIDI is most likely not the issue as even without it programs would lag.

Hello, Andrew

What version are you at? However there was such an issue but it was worked out starting with


Could you please verify the issue resolved? If not, please make a video of it to see what exactly you mean.


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