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USB DMX Pro 2 in standalone mode output flickers

Moving over to Emu from D-Pro for better integration with my USB DMX Pro 2

I want to record a stand alone show for a theatrical effect.

I hhave programmed some pixel strips via a DMX to SPI adapter.

When I run the program from the computer, using the MX Pro as an output it all looks great.

I can record to the DMX Pro via the internal Artnet stream but the resultant output for the DMX Pro is very "strobey", not smooth like when I run it from the computer.

Running the latest version of Emu and have updated the USB Pro via Emu.

There's a week until the show now.

If anyone can help I'd be gtrateful.

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Hey, do you have an opportunity to make 2 short videos of your 2 setups and their results (without "strobey" and with)?

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