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DMX USB PRO on mac with parallels (windows arm)


I try to use my old DMX USB PRO on my mac. The context: 

-> I use a ligh software on windows ( windows only).

-> I use a music/video software on my mac (mac only).

My mac is a Macbook Pro M2 Pro, on Monterey. I use Windows 11 on parallels 18.

I had installed parallels to boot windows on my mac at the same time as my MacOS. EMU works on my windows (via parallels), but it doesn't recognized the usb dmx. On my parameters, the USB DMX is recognized. It is activated on parallels to be recognized on windows. Windows doesn't see it.

On MacOS, i installed EMU, and it works. The usb dmx is working, and recognized. I put the 1.44 micro program on it.

Thanks for help !

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Hey! I have the same problem you're currently having, I also am using a M1 MacBook Pro, and trying to run lighting software on Windows (Windows Only) MA DOT2 if it means anything. And I'm currently trying to setup Freestyler Artnet-Dmx converter and it won't work correctly as windows will not recognize the device. I've tried manually installing the drivers and that is also not working I assume it's due to the fact it's a VM, because when I try install the drivers manually on any other REAL windows PC it works fine. Did you end up finding a solution?

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