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Enttec please answer my questions…

A few questions that I’m unable to find answers for..
1. I have two DMXIS boxes, one at home connected and registered to my studio PC and software, the other DMXIS box is permanently installed in my live rack and registered to a Surface pro to control to run the software. Would I still be able to have Emu on two computers as I currently have with DMXIS?

2. I program my lights on DMXIS via Cubase - MIDI 16 to bank and MIDO 15 to presets
The DMXIS software runs within my DAW and also is connected to my Visualisation software so I can see what the fixtures look like and do….can this be done with Emu?
There are no tutorials on this, and no description in the manual on how to do this. The plug in has no help files and as a result I have no idea how to use it?

There are more questions, however if the above can not be done then there is no point in me purchasing etc…

This topic duplicates another one, please reply and see replies there:


Please could you confirm.. Are you saying I would have to hire two copies of Emu to be able to use one to program the lights with a DMXIS box in my studio and hire another emu to use it on stage with another DMXIS Box?? 

Please could you confirm this.

Also I Own Capture, and I want to use the realisation with Emu in Cubase How do I do it please?

Someone at Enttec must know.........

If you don't want to shuffle between two PCs (activate-deactivate license) - then yes, you will need to have 2 licenses. However you may want to learn differences between free EMU and licensed. It may happen so that you are not really even needed licensed EMU for this or that case (1 case is to program the lights in the studio and another is to use on stage as you've said).


As for Capture, did you see this video: ? So it looks like you build your show in EMU, visualize it in Capture and drive it in Cubase thru Midi notes, correct? Here in the video David shows how to Visualize shows from EMU. So you need learn how to drive EMU shows with the help of Midi notes in Cubase. I didn't use Cubase, but used Ableton, Logic Pro and the process pretty the same: add Midi track, make output to IAC driver and correspondent channel you use in EMU (on Midi tab in settings). Add notes to the Midi track and you're done. Just as an example here is how it looks in Logic Pro (attached).


Hi thanks for the reply.

So to confirm, if I am willing to deactivate and reactivate Emu on two different computers I would have no issue using a different DMXIS box on each computer? to confirm - I definitely would not need to use just one box only.

The way I have been using DMXIS with Cubase is just inputting MIDI notes (over chans 15 and 16) to activate the song (bank) and the light effect (preset) I want at that moment... This is done via the DMXIS vst within Cubase. How can this be done with EMU please.

EMU license is not tired to any device except your PC. You may see it in EMU settings at license tab. So yes, you may deactivate and reactivate your EMU license on different PCs with different DMXIS. Your main credentials are your e-mail and license ID.

As for CuBase - see the attached. Is that what you asked for?


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Excellent, thanks for the reply, my next step is now to hire it for a month to really see what it’s like etc…….

Sounds like a plan :) 

Also if there is something going wrong you think or you need assistance - you may always email to EMU support, they usually prompt and helpful.

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