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Custom Fixture Editor - Fader Types - Info Wanted

I've looked through the EMU manual but can't find any information about the fader types in the custom fixture editor.

Is there a functional difference between the different fader types? (RGB, Dimmer, Dimmer fine, Shutter, Pan/Tilt, Control, Speed/Time, Macro, Rotation)

Thank you

Hey James, while technically you could apply anything to anything, it's important for the software to know what attribute are on each fader so they can be correctly used by things like the colour picker, xy position plot, intensity functions etc. As an example if you made them all dimmer channels you will still be able to control your light but when you lower the master all values would be reduced rather than just the intensity of the light as the EMU thinks they are all an intensity functions.

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Ahh yes of course! That makes sense. Thanks for the reply :)
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