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Saving a particular Fixture setting

Not sure if you have a 'suggestions' section but here goes. Is there a way of saving a particular setting for single fixtures? 

For example, ~I am programming a show and for one of the songs I have a particular effect on one of my fixtures that ~I really would be really cool if i could copy that pattern on that particular fixture and drop/paste it onto the same fixture in another program. I know I can duplicate a Program but this would really help to speed up the workflow... 

I also mentioned in a post about the possibility of having a 3rd column for presets/templates.  

Banks. - Program. - Templates.

I could make some basic templates of common lighting patterns etc.. and store them in the templates section...then I can drag them into the particular program i am working on etc... again it would really speed up the workflow.

at the moment I have made a bank with my preset/templates in but to have them on view all the time would be a huge help.

At first it sounds reasonable and helpful but in the end when you said that you've already made a preset with your fixtures settings set - isn't it the same? What's the difference between the preset you have and that one you're asking for? 

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The preset templates Iv made are under a bank heading called presets..if I’m working in a bank I have to leave it to select the ‘preset’ bank…if there was a 3dr column for presets (there is space) you could have them visible all the time and just drag and drop from the  preset list to the Program - much quicker and much easier…maybe have the preset option with an auto hide/show.

It would be even better if I were able to select more than one preset at a time…for example a sequence of presets that would be even quicker…

by the way..the license activate/deactivation is still a joke…the deactivate option doesn’t work…and still cams do anything off-line which is a major concern.

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I 100% agree with Andy on this. I have several programs I have made with 8 movers, however, I am about to add 4 more of the same mover to my show. I like to set each fixture with its own address for Oscillation / Chase effects. All I want to do is copy over the settings of an existing fixture and paste it on to the new ones! As of right now, I have to start from scratch on each new fixture.

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