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Licensing question - multiple PCs

Enttec's ELM software allows you to have a single licensed version of the software be used across two computers as long as only one is running at a time.

Is it possible to do this with EMU?

Hello James, 

at this point there is no such an opportunity within EMU. But EMU allows deactivate/activate its' license just in seconds. So you may shuffle it between your devices. Of course it doesn't look the same as you've described for ELM, but still it is pretty close. 

Want to add that EMU license doesn't allow you to have it on several PCs at a time, only on one. In case for some reasons you don't want to shuffle the license or you need two or more PCs run Premium EMU at a time - then you should purchases two or more EMU subscriptions. 


It really is not easy to activate/deactivate, it causes many issues and is very time consuming and certainly not recommended to do just before a show as there will be a good chance that it will not work.  It really should be like ELM - two computers as long as only one is running - even Cubase offers this option… come on ENTTEC get your s#*t together.

Andy could you have not a stable internet over the place where you try deactivate/activate? Just wondering as I don't face with such an issue, however I do that pretty often, let's say once a week. 

If you do have unstable internet, probably you should try use offline license, which works pretty clear and stable too.

I gig all over the UK different venues and many do not have a decent internet service (some none at all) and the offline license has never worked…it really is a very poor activation process and really lets the software down. Two computers sharing the same license would be a godsend, I would imagine many users would have the same issue as me, using a ‘main’ computer for programming and another computer for running the show, come on ENTTEC help us out here.

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