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Copy and paste a fixture in a scene to a new fixture (same model)

I have 8 LED 36x10w wash movers - all in 16 channel mode, and each with their own address so I can tilt / pan them to certain parts of the stage, and use the chase oscillator. I just bought 4 of the exact same movers, and I want to add them to my existing scenes... However, when adding the new fixtures (which will be DMX 129, 145, 161, & 177), they start in default mode (everything zeroed out). I have to go in manually to all 30 scenes, and manipulate the same color, dimmer, strobe scene, pan / tilt.

In a perfect world, there should be a way to copy the settings of and existing fixture in a scene, and paste it onto the new model fixtures within the same scene. This would save TONS of time.

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Brilliant idea, it certainly would save a lot of time...

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