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Issue with EMU VST Plug-in w/ Ableton Live 11

Good morning, 

I have a slight problem that occurs when I use the EMU VST in the Ableton Live software. When I want to map a fader, a floating window opens with a long list of faders to assign (pic1).


Unfortunately I can't access the faders at the bottom of this list because it's impossible to minimize the window or scroll down. I tried to increase the resolution of my laptop screen to have a wider view (pic 2), which allows me to access more faders. But the problem remains the same because they are still not all accessible. 


I'm on macbook pro M1pro, 14' and on ableton live 11. Has anyone had this problem before? and found a solution? 

Thank you in advance for your help!! Cheers


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Hello Baptiste Baudimant, how do you get that window? Have never seen it in Ableton. Here is how it looks from my side - see the attached.

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