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Using null-pixels in ELM


    Is there an easy way to permanently turn off a single pixel here or there  in a long line of LEDS   without having to manually recompute all of the DMX addresses after that pixel ?   

Here's our scenario: We have a 29 DMX universe ELM installation driving about 14K LEDs  on a Burning man Art car / We use a PixCon 16 LED controller(similar to this one) to drive 16 channels of 6 X 50 pixel WS2812B LED Strips. per channel via sACN. . This year we've made some changes to the physical positioning of some  of the LED strips that lengthened our cable runs which has required us to insert some null-pixels into the longest cable runs to regenerate the SPI signal on long runs to prevent flicker on the more far away strips.Each null=pixel we use "consumes" one LED address.. Which essentially means you give up one pixel in your real LED strips. That works well for us.. the issue though is that with a string of 6 x 50 LED pixels strips, giving up one pixel like that slides all the addresses to the left which means that the address of the first LED in LED strip 2 p now becomes the last pixel in LED strip 1, the first pixel in LED strip3 becomes the last LED in LED strip 2.. and so on. This can cause some weird visual artifacts if the strips are far away from each other in the LED map.

So ideally, I could find an easy way to permanently block the signal to just the first pixel in LED strip 2, LED strip 3, etc without having to do a bunch of complex DMX address calculations to skip a pixel ? 

I hope I explained that well enough to describe what I'm trying to do. Any help would be much appreciated !

-John cohn

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Replied via ticket as this is not related to EMU

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