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How to connect WS2811 LED string to MadMapper?

I want to control WS2811 string from MadMapper software, but the Teensy 3.2 solution is flaky.  MadMapper uses ArtNet, so I need some physical connection from my PC (USB or Ethernet?) to the 3 wires (+ve, -ve and Data) on my WS2811 string.

I use Enttec Open USB/DMX  for USB to DMX (works well)

Is there an Enttec product to connect my PC to WS2811 string using ArtNet protocol?

Hello, Either EMU or ELM is the product that can help you with the task.

Copying answer here:

WS2811 is a pixel control protocol, so you wouldn't be able to control it through DMX, you need to talk pixel (in WS2811 protocol) to the pixels via the data line. 
We have a range of products that can do that:

Since you are using Art-net from MadMapper, the most direct way to control this would be through an Octo, which converts directly from Art-net to pixel output, and has 2 x 4U ports - so each port of the Octo could control up to 680 x RGB pixels

Here's what the general system looks like when using the Octo:

You can use MadMapper to send Art-net to the Octo, or, you do also get a free 8U license for our ELM pixel mapping software with the Octo.
Without a license you can run it in demo mode. 

As mentioned earlier, we do also have other controller options. Depending on the size/scale of your project and the layout of the strips, different controller options may suit better. 
If you are able to share some drawings/sketches of your intended project, we can help out further. And in the meantime, feel free to check out our playlist on pixel strip, how to cut, join, and build your own pixel bars


I want a single "logical" string of 1320 Pixels (will be laid out as 22 rows of 60), but each green Octo Output port only supports 682 pixels so I need to use both Output ports to get to 1320.  How do I configure this?  Do I have to divide my 1320 pixels into 2 groups of 660 and connect each to a different output data port? (I assume YES) How do I make them appear in ELM or MadMapper as a single logical string or do I always have to think of them as 2 separate fixtures?  At the moment the second set of 660 just mimic the first set!

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