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How many licenses comes with an EMU subscription?

How many licenses comes with an EMU subscription? 

I can't find the answer anywhere, so I suppose there is only one license to one computer pr subscription, though it would make sense to give 2 licenses, because every professional use of this software would need a backup computer, in case of emergency. 

I'm thinking of being a longtime EMU subscriber with a show, but I'm really questioning having to pay up an ekstra 150$ a year for a backup license. 

Ableton fx, gives out 2 licenses on 1 subscription, which makes great sense. 

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Hello Filip,

ENTTEC gives 1 premium license for 1 EMU subscription. But for a person who doesn't need to have 2 premium licenses be active at the same time - that is more than enough even if you want to use EMU on different machines or if you want to have a back-up machine as you've said. For these purposes you may just shift you premium license from one machine to another. It takes you just a few seconds and even if you're having different EMU versions on different machines (this function was implemented relatively recently and it's really good and fast).

BUT if you need having EMU premium license be active at two or more machines at a time - then you need as much EMU subscriptions as machines you need with premium.

Having just one EMU subscription is a nightmare. I program my lights on a desktop computer which is my main studio computer, I use a surface pro to control my lights at live shows… when I want to program lights I have to deactivate the surface pro and activate the studio computer..I have then to deactivate the studio and activate the surface (usually a number of times during the programming process to test things out. The deactivation/activation process is awful, it’s clumsy and does not work properly the majority of the time..this really needs to be looked at. And it’s a constant worry… allowing two machines would be sensible. I would even opt for a ‘dongle’ so at least that would be much quicker and probably more reliable…

Andy personally I don't face any difficulties with deactivation/activation. I think if a user has difficulties - he should share it with support to resolve the issue. Because if he doesn't - they won't know what to fix or improve. 

Hi Andrei

Its a nightmare...on the Studio computer the deactivation page is usually a bit screwed up..on the occasion (most) that it works ok its really trial and error, if I deactivate my Studio comp I then ned to completely close it and reopen for the deactivation to kick in...on my 'Live' computer I have to deactivate it then reactivate it when the studio is deactivated (after reboot).. after trying out the lights if theres a problem the whole process has to take place in reverse unti etc etc etc..It really slows the process down dramatically... Is there no way two computers could be activated (even for a timed length of time

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