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Feature Request: Oscillator to work at same time as VST Parameter Set

Hi, I raised this earlier this year direct to support and have been advised to add it here. PLEASE VOTE!!

Half the time in my Ableton show I want to run exact parameters which I'm managing to do with great success using the parameter mapping and automation lanes. Sometimes I want to be able to revert to the oscillation patterns within EMU but one my parameters are mapped to the VST, the can no longer be used in native oscillation patterns. I would like to request being able to have the oscillation patterns override the VST parameters somehow. Perhaps I could bank up and have the option to have on one bank/programme the exact same layout but without the VST mappings inactive and therefore be able to trigger EMU native patterns as desired :)


Hi nick,

Thank you for your proposal. It makes sense. We need to think how to move fader VST/MIDI mapping from show to programs. And make no surprise for all the other customer. Stay tuned.

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