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Feature Request: keystrokes to advance Banks and Programs independently

Currently, the down arrow key will advance through Banks and Progams when the cursor populates the corresponding field, however it would be a game changer if there were keys that independently advanced through Banks and Programs regardless of cursor position so a USB muti-pedal footswitch could be programmed to advance through an entire performance without the need to mouse over to the Banks field to advance to the next "song" and then back to the first Program to start the light show for that song. It is difficult to juggle an instrument and a light show when you have to manipulate the laptop between every song to get a footswitch to advance the Bank and then again to advance the Programs. Key commands for advancing Banks and Programs in EMU would be a GIANT advancement and a total game changer for live performers that do not run MIDI signaled tracks to queue EMU changes. This would be HUGE!

Totally agree Steve! I would like a simple footswitch to go forward through the banks - set up song by song, so I just hit the footswitch to move onto the next bank/song! I'm following this thread to see if there's any progress.

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Also - instructions/tutorial on how to set that up! Please!

hey guys, I believe this is already presents in EMU. See it's manual page 10 (says only DMXis allows you to have footswitch) and 18 (tells you how to use footswitch). Isn't it what you're looking for?

Hi Andrei - yes that appears to answer my question on this topic - I have the USB Pro Mk2 which doesn't support a footswitch. 

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Hello Andrei, unfortunately the DMXis box is no longer available and the DMX Pro is the new option which does not support a footswitch. I am hopeful that Enttec can make EMU compatible with a USB footswitch to at least mirror the function that their previous tech had if not improve the capabilities. Thanks for the input though.

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