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EMU not accepting midi from Mac Midi Network

Just purchased with the expectation that I'd be able to have EMU receive midi over a MIDI Network on mac.  

What I'm trying to do is to do is use only a simply generic 8bit RGB fixture. I've selected a local MIDI device, an M-Audio Keystation 61. This MIDI device trains the RGB sliders fine, and everything works as expected: A MIDI note is bound to the slide and consequently drives the fixtures.

When I (EMU crashed again) go to the 'gear' icon and change the Input MIDI to "My laptop" which has been configured using the Mac MIDI Network Setup, EMU does not appear to receive data from the network.  I'm able to see this for two reasons:

1) When the M-Audio Keystation device is connected and keys are pressed, the EMU MIDI Input UI shows the received MIDI.  The MIDI is also visible using 'MIDI Monitor' to sniff the MIDI channels.

2) When the MIDI Input UI is used to select "My Laptop" (The MIDI Network), the EMU MIDI Input UI does not show received MIDI. However, the MIDI is visible using 'MIDI Monitor'

So in short, how do I train EMU and then point it at a MIDI Network to receive the MIDI to perform the functions that I trained?

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Better address it to the support guys. Seems nobody can advise in your case.

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