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VST / DAW Plink / Pixel Control ?

Hi, I am currently searshing for advice on how to setup RGB/W led strips in cars and be able to control those with a daw like Ableton/Cubase/ProTools/Reaper using midi protocol.

I have been using a DMX USB PRO and the EMU software for months now in my room with some varied DMX lights, i enjoy a lot playing with lights, especialy as a musician.

This is the protocol / way of doing, i'm searshing for :

MIDI inside the DAW -> controlling a Vst (EMU software ?) -> sending out by Ethernet Plink data -> going inside the Plink device -> Controling the strips

Excuse me if this is not clear instructions i'm still very new to lights, hope i can get some advices on how to do that / other alternatives to do this (the main objective still being to control strips led by led on a DAW)

Thanks in advance for any kind of help / advice i will get

Dorian from France 

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Hey, interesting project you're going to make. If I understood you right, then you don't need DMX USB PRO as it doesn't control led stripes. OKTO MK2 (71521) will work better for you. And your scheme will look like:

MIDI inside the DAW -> controlling a VST (EMU software) -> ArtNet -> OCTO Mk2 -> Controlling the strips

But if you'd like to use you DMX USB PRO, then you will need to have a converter from DMX to SPI where Din Pixie (73539) can help you. And you scheme will look like:

MIDI inside the DAW -> controlling a VST (EMU software) -> DMX USB PRO -> Din Pixie -> Controlling the strips

Exciting to see it in live. Would be great if you'll make a video of it. 

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