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USB PRO Mk2 Troubleshooting MacOS Mojave


I canot get my USB PRO Mk2 to work with EMU on a MacOS Mojave 10.14.5

Have been tweeking with drivers, nothings seems to be working.

Is the USB Pro Mk2 Compatible with EMU at all ?

It is recognized by EMU 

Destination: "ftdi:// ...)

But it gives me an error message whenever I try to use it or update firmware:

"Your device doesn't respond properly, Try to reconnect it or update the firmware"

My firmware version is 4.10, updated through Pro-Manager

DMX OUT test Works under Pro-manager 

Cannot put my hands on a 4.16 firmware file. 

Anyone has had similar issues ? 

(320 KB)
(140 KB)
(126 KB)
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Hello, Davised!

You MacOS could not connect properly to the device. It should be the serial one. FTDI connection as a spare option. I propose to connect the device to another computer & update FW with EMU as a fast solution. Or wait until FW updating via FTDI connection will be fixed.

This topic might be helpful to troubleshoot your MacOS connection: DMX USB Pro/Art-Net Troubleshooting : Technical Support (

I guess you've tried it.

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