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Pixie Driver (legacy) config using EMU


Has anyone had any luck properly config Pixie Driver with EMU? 

Common problems:

- need to hit "Rescan for devices" multiple times before anything shows up. 

- Never shows correct product on list. Usually shows DIN Pixie. Once it showed USB DMX Pro!

- Ok looks like I can do some config using "DIN Pixie" but not updating firmware

- "The operation has timed out" takes me repeatedly to square one... 

Where can I download latest Enttec Pro Manager for Mac or Windows? That seems to be the easiest workaround at the moment. All download links on Enttec site are broken... 

Try use another USB ports, another cable and maybe another Mac or PC. If won't help, then I would raise a ticket for the support. 

And DMX PRO MANAGER is not available anymore. EMU replaced it. 

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