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Usb pro status indicator


When I run the C++ sample for the Enttec dmx usb pro found here the status light indicator continu blinking after a shutdown is done.

The code run the FT_Close properly but I see the light is still blinking.

The seems to be disconnected since I can use another software to connect it.

Additionnaly, when using the Enttec Pro utiliy software, the led stop blinking properly when disabling the dmx.

Any idea why?


Answering my own question from an answer I got from support : 

The DMX USB Pro is designed specifically to refresh the last frame it received if it loses connection to a software but retains power. When using the close function, you are just closing the serial connection, but not cutting off power, or sending an all black frame. The serial connection should be done though. One way to circumvent this is after closing the connection, reopen it, and then immediately close it. By reopening it, you clear the DMX USB Pro DMX buffer so it stops transmitting, and then closing it before sending DMX values will keep it not transmitting. 

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Thanks Joel for sharing.

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