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Update Request: Bank Selection Via Program Change (PC)

I'm using Ableton to run EMU via CC comands. I would love to have an ability to change between banks with a Midi PC. Currently using midi CC to advance banks but it's only linear (Bank 1, Bank 2, Bank 3, Bank 4...). It would be nice to be able to jump around each bank (ie. Bank 1, Bank 3, Bank 10, Bank 2....). The way it is now, I can't skip songs without manually doing so on the computer.

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If I understood you right - you want to use hardware MIDI controller and with it's fader (or button) change banks in a not linear manner. I think it is not impossible, as you change with only 1 note. If you need jump around in a way you want - Ableton with different notes on the pad is the best and I believe only way. Or thru VST plugin using automation, but it is not MIDI. 

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