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DMX USB PRO don't recognized on EMU (WINDOWS_10)

It was working perfectly on MacBook now i switched to windows , used the same usb cable as well and it doesn't appear in the device menu. when oing to product page i am redirected back to the homepage. 
trying to search for the DMX USB Pro Mk2 - product doesnt apear on the website> 

Google search doesnt bring any drivers , it looks like the product doesnt exist or it was discontinued without any support at all.

searching for "DMX USB Pro Mk2 drivers" only results that have working links are to people complaining. does anyone had similar issue ?

I have also  installed FRESH copy of WIN10 with latest updates etc - still nothing. pluging in and out.

on a PC when connected I have green/white light flashing on DMX1 when on EMU, disconnecting it and connecting again - 5 times red light blink

on Laptop White light flashing on dmx1 and that's all

Artnet controller is working fine with no drivers, checked also standalone DMX console for maybe dmx cable not working but all fine. 

installed FTDI and whatever there was on the forums I should do and literaly it yeld zero results. 

Im using EMU FREE license

(108 KB)
(53.6 KB)
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