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First time user struggling with Emu and USB Pro (Mac Ventura)

Am I right in thinking that on a Mac running Ventura 13.4.1 I don't need any extra drivers? When I connect the USB Pro to the computer and open EMU I can see it recognises the unit, so I am assuming all is correct?

However if I patch a fixture and then move the faders to control it I don't see to get any activity with the fixture.

Looking at the help literature there was mention of running a test pattern, but I could not find the functions that were mentioned.

I have submitted a support ticket, but thought I'd try my luck here in case someone else hit the same issue and managed to solved it.

Looks like you didn't set DMX channel to a fixture you want to drive.

Hi Jonathan, did you ever get this working? I'm having similar issues. 

idem.après mise à jour,je ne peux plus changer l'Adresse de sortie DMX vers l’enttec

In such case guys I think ticket to support should be directed to resolve this ASAP.

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