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Enttec OCTO not driving my ws2812B's

I think this is just an EMU forum.. but dont see  on for the Enttec OCTO.. so posting here. If I should be posting elsewhere please let me know 

I just purchased an Enttec Octo with Firmware version 4.2 . I and am trying  to use it with ELM. I'm very familiar with ELM and know that I am sending sACN traffic to the Octo. I'm new to Octo and think its set up correctly.. Here's the settings I have set via the Octo web interface:
- Output settings : Both output 1 and output 2 set to WS2812B, RGB with 100 Mx pixels
- Pixel mapping options : Both output 1 and output 2 input protocol set to sACN, and the rest defaulted (4 universes, first univers 1, etc

I have a string of 100 12v WS2812B's hooked up to output 1  with vcc and and gnd hooked appropriately. I have the Data in to the strips in the 'data'  output of the Octto. 

I can monitor the sACN traffic both from within ELM and see the changing pattern of values in all the sACN  addresses 
Similalrly  i can go into the web interface of the octo and can go into Network Stats -> sACN Statistics and see  the total bytes received, data packets received and sync packets all goign up the longer I sent sACN traffic from elm.. 

But no light on the LEDS..
I've read the maul as carfully as I can.. and looked on linefor others who may have the same problem

Any idea what I may be doing wrong ? 
THanks for any help !

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The first thing you have to check is that the strips are terminated properly, you can see this upon pressing the identifier button at the back of the OCTO, when pressing this button once, the strip connected to it should light up. Or you could also click the identifier button from setting page of the OCTO and if your light connected to it is properly terminated then it should light up, it is a common behavior of any SPI lights connected to OCTO to light up immediately once an identifier command is sent.

To get live support for this, you could just WhatsApp +61 466 122 276

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