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Using two computers with one Emu subscription

This is a nightmare as it’s a real trial and error deactivating one computer and activating another….my Cubase is on my Studio computer so I need an activated Emu to program my lights. I then need to Deactivate that computer as I use a surface pro on my live shows. The surface pro still says activated (I didn’t deactivate it)… is it best to deactivate and reactivate the surface pro? It really is a nightmare as the de/activate process is not straight forward and fails most of the time…. If the surface has not been deactivated but my studio PC has been activated - programmed and then deactivated… should I deactivate the Surface pro and then reactivate it?

It is a really poor way of using this software, surly there has to be an easier and more reliable way of doing this… I once needed to activate the software at a gig but could not get onto the Enttec site so we had to do without our light show…it’s good software (particularly as the beta update sorts out the crashing) but a real amateur activation system and incredibly unreliable…real shame.

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It would be great if there was two or three activations per subscription like a lot of other software/plugins are. 

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Totally agree, I would have thought many users would program at home and use another computer for live shows…having to activate/deactivate all,the time is a real nightmare…on my studio PC all the layout of the ENTTEC site is messed up (all other sites ok so it’s an ENTTEC web problem) making it ever more difficult to deactivate/activate…

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