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Program/Banks are not duplicating


Hello, I am familar running dmx lights with EMU. I am having a couple efficiency problems. 

Question 1- When I drag a program over another bank it does not copy or transfer to that bank. (cursor show paper icon) I am able to duplicate Programs and banks within themselves. I just can't copy them to other banks. manual says to do this

 Question 2- When I duplicate a bank or program, they only duplicate until a certain point. I do not know the point exactly.  Do banks/programs not duplicate after so much designing has been done?

Question 3- MIDI MAP & OSCILLATORS. If I map a lights channel to my midi controller, I am no longer able to add An Oscillator. EXAMPLE- I want to use midi sliders in some programs and have oscillators in different programs. 


Thank you for reading! I appreciate any feedback