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Dmxis box reset

 Hello, I have problems with Dmxis box and it needs a reset. Until now I could reset with Dmx Pro Manager but now it is no longer available for download, there are some versions on the internet but they don't work properly, they open and close, they are useless.
What else can I do? 

Thank you

It was, I have it on an old Macbook from 2008

I don't believe there is a version for Mac anywhere. It just never existed.

Thank you very much for the advice, I tried it on several PCs at work and it doesn't work. I use a Macbook at events and I can't find a version of DMX Pro Manager for Macbook anywhere.

Try on another machine, this file works good for me. Something is wrong on your pc. 


Or maybe create a ticket for the support, maybe they will advise something. 

Thanks, i allready have this but is not working on my PC. It opens and closes immediately, cannot be used.

Try this one, I use it myself: Pro Manager 2.47.

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