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best way to integrate light with DAW

I'm just starting with DMX, I have a LED strobe with 7 channels (white brightness, white strobe speed, colour brightness,  colour speed, R, G, B).

I have the VST loaded onto a track in a Reaper song, and have those 7 channels available for control (I can draw automation lines like any plugin automation). However this seems to be quite tedious to do, also I have a hard time to sync the stroe speed to the song speed (I can set the strobe speed in the VST 0-127, but there obviously is no connection to the song tempo)

am I on a wrong track and should do it completely different?

Indeed, just loaded AU and VST plugin to Reaper and seeing that AU doesn't have it at all, when VST has, but it inadequate. So I would recommend use only AU at this point (attached video), at least it won't ruin tempo and allows to change it from Reaper. 

Also reported about it to devteam. It will be definitely fixed.


yep, I switched to controlling via Midi notes, seems easier... the VST plugin is in a separate channel for speed sync generally, but muted

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