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fader reset to zero via Midi

I'm nosediving into controlling EMU via Midi instead of the VST, so I made i.e. a very long infading of just one colour as a program inside EMU. I can trigger that via Midi Note. However, I noticed, that if that program already ran before, when I call it again, it will continue from where it was left. Can I reset the fader with some note or such?

Also how would I go about to switch off a light? From what I have seen the Midi-Note activates a program, that then runs forever, but if I want a light just to be shortly on, how could I switch it off again? Make a program where it is zeroed? 

Can you show what you mean "continue from where it was"? Attached my video to show this instance and my last BETA doesn't seem to work in the way you described.

Yep, just zero faders. In my video you can see I use program "lights off" for that.


dunno how to explain... it's completely broken... I had an oscillator that faded in red (Prgram "Intro" and it continued every time from where it left, so when it was at 54 and I switched back, it continued at 54) ... now it just goes 255 full in, instead of the rampup I had in there. This software is soooo sad. And that coming from an IT guy...


here's relicating it... I added back the oscillator that the software threw away on it's own, and you can see that the channel continues the rmp up from ~150 where it was left before. I need it to start at zero

forgot the video ;)


Oh, I see, indeed I am having the same, oscillation goes on from around previous values. I asked devs - the answer that it is as it is, because oscillation is tied with Master Tempo thru all of the show.

So in your case I think you should think of a kind a workaround. The only thought I have is to use fade feature. See attached video.

(9.42 MB)

doesn't really help... this software is just "Alpha" stage

Sorry, but really don't understand what could be wrong there with fading. I can try explain in another words, just let me know what exactly you need or even also export your show and attach it here with describing your intent and I will be happy to assist you.

you can see in my screen recording that I'm trying to add an oscillation, but it isn't added. Or am I doing it wrong? I select tha type of the oscillation, and acpect it to pop up above the oscillation settings, which it doesn't

wrong topic, sorry

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