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Feature Request: Advancing Banks and Programs

I read here in the forum that there is footswitch feature in EMU but the DMX USB Pro (which I am using) does not support a footswitch. 

Here's my situation. I'm not yet at the point where I have a high-tech setup with MIDI controls that can advance programs/banks. I need something simple. I'm playing in my band while trying to advance programs and cannot use a keyboard shortcut. Trying to time every program change is not really practical either given so many variables in a live performance.

I either need a footswitch option or a large button that I can just touch to move to the next program and a separate button to move to the next bank. Simple.

The teensy-tiny little arrow buttons in the current interface are too small to try to use in the middle of playing an instrument, and keyboard strokes are out of the question.

Could there be a "performance" screen that simply contained two large buttons that would move to the next program and the next bank?


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Hey Craig, I've seen tons of different Midi Foot Controller Pedals. You can learn EMU to change Banks/Programs forward/back with them. Not a big deal at all. For example I am having a small midi Korg nanoKontrol2 and it works fine with banks/programs.

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