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Never Enttec again

I just went through the process of transferring a EMU license from my home-computer to our rehearsal laptop. This is so un-intuitive and bad (the fact that the website always redirects me from .com to .uk because of language doesn't help). And to think abut that I have to do this every time before and after rehearsal, it's just not bearable. Unless you find a way to have more than one computer active, this will be the last time I bought a EMU product.

Basically I even don't go to web-site account. Just switch from one machine to another via EMU itself. Exactly as it is shown in the video from youtube. It is really takes me 10 seconds to switch from one machine to another. 

cool, thanks... btw, that hardware ID "copy" button did not work for me, I hade to type it off

Yeah, my button neither works on mac or windows too. I've already told that to devteam about a week or so ago, so hopefully next version will be fixed.

I made a screen recording of the "copy hardware ID" thingy


Thanks sir, I've confirmed I am having the same issue on my Mac and my Windows machines. And already passed this information to the devteam. Next version (I hope so) will fix it.

yep, as soon as I posted it your reply came up ;)

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I am seeing now copy issue is resolved on version Works good on Mac and Win again :)

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