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Feature requests: Greater flexibility

Hello everyone. I've been using ELM for several years now. It's been a great budget software for controlling many automated installs in one location. I'm running into some minor problems I feel could probably be addressed pretty easily. I'm using Advatek decoders with 96u and 48u stacked licenses on Windows 11. My request is to allow either split pixels across universes (171st RGB pixel would have channels 511 and 512 on one universe and the last channel be 1 on the following universe) Or, allow single color, single channel pixels (R, G, B, W). I could stack them on top of each other to compensate for the universe offset. There's already a single channel white pixel so I cant imagine adding the other colors being overly difficult. The issue I'm running into is using RGB and RGBW pixels on the same controller. No matter how I set it, one of the pixel types will have a dead pixel at the universe switch.
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Hi Chris! Thanks for reaching out to us here. I've created a support ticket so I can get some more details about your project and the different products you are using. Please check your email and I'll be happy to help you figure this out.

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