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Noob needs help

Hello everyone !

Just got EMU for my first light show programmed through ableton and I cannot get it to change programs.

My idea is to make every song a bank and every section of the song a program and use midi notes programmed in the Ableton timeline to swap between programs and banks when needed. I use Ableton Live 12 on Windows 11 with LoopBe1 to play the note, and EMU of course. The note seems to be sent and received on EMU's side but the program just doesn't change.

Any help or tips would be immensly appreciated as this seems like a very powerful software that I just can't get to work ! Thanks !




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I always used LoopMidi on Windows and never tried anything else. However I don't think it might be a reason, most likely you haven't set all the things correct. Let me try help you. See my video and pay attention to:

EMU MIDI settings:


Ableton MIDI settings:


Track output settings


P.S. want to add that VST and MIDI notes are not the same and even not related. These are 2 different ways to interact between apps.

Have fun :)

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