First-time registration via a new D-Pro voucher

Once you have your D-Pro Voucher (which will begin with VD2U), you will need to go to the My Account section of our website. The email address used to login into your Account must match the email address to which the voucher was sent.


Your voucher will be shown within the My Licenses tab of your account. You can see all your ENTTEC voucher codes; click the Register button next to the appropriate voucher. The voucher code will now be displayed; press Register again. Enter your Full Name and press Register vD2U.

On submission, your license can be found within the D-Pro Licenses section of the ELM License Registration tab on the left menu. 

Within this section, copy the license code found within the D-Pro Licenses section, and paste this into the Serial Number field of the Unlock D-Pro (2U version), once D-Pro has been opened for the first time. Here, also add your Name and Email address and press Next.

You will then be asked to confirm that your email address is correct and press Yes, Register D-Pro! Please check this carefully - your license will be locked to the email account provided! 

Once you are happy that your details are correct, click Yes, register D-Pro! Your license will now be activated via internet, and you will receive an email containing a 6 digit unlock code and press Unlock

Migrate a D-Pro license to a new computer

To transfer your license to your new computer, simply download and install the latest version of D-Pro on your new computer. You can find the latest versions here:



Once installed, complete the registration process as you did the first time the program was installed. It will require your D-Pro license code, which begins with "D2U".


Stacking Multiple D-Pro Licenses

There is no option to stack licenses with D-Pro. There are two different licensing options with D-Pro.

  • 2 Universes - License Voucher sent to an email address.
  • 8 Universes - Physical USB Dongle, which will be shipped to a delivery address.


Troubleshooting: "invalid code" message when activating D-Pro

The email code is a voucher; you need to redeem the voucher via an ENTTEC account on the website.

Once logged in to your account, you can register your voucher to receive your D-Pro License code. That code will begin with "D2U". You will also receive an email with further instructions for installing and unlocking the software.