Within D-Pro, tap tempo recalculates the BPM from scratch when 2 seconds elapse without a tap being detected. If an external tool were to send fake button taps continuously, the BPM would never be recalculated from scratch. If this method is to be used, Gaps would need to be inserted occasionally to allow D-Pro to re-calculate using the two-second gap logic.

A less accurate alternative is the “Show Control: SET TEMPO” command in Preferences > Remote Control. This can set the tempo from a MIDI CC message to whole numbers in the range 60-187bpm. 

Alternatively, OSC has a command /sc/tempo which can directly set the tempo to arbitrary values.

To inform these OSC values in real-time, 3rd party audio analysis software can be used.

An example of this is Luminosus (https://www.luminosus.org/ ). This software can detect BPM and send it to a configurable OSC endpoint. In this case (D-Pro).