Output Protocol

ENTTEC’s ELM software outputs the following protocols:

  • Art-Net is the most lightweight DMX over Ethernet protocol when unicasting to individual devices. You can also enable Art-Sync to avoid tearing in content.
  • sACN makes sending data to multiple devices simple with inbuilt multicast discovery, sACN Sync and priority packet.
  • KiNet protocol is used to control Philips Color Kinetics lighting fixtures.


Mixing Output Protocols

There isn’t an issue with mixing protocols; ELM supports multiple protocols simultaneously over the same adaptor.

As the different protocols have their sync packets, you won't have a method of ensuring DMX or pixel output is sent out of your entire system (i.e. DMX nodes) at the precise same time. With a more realistic hat on, the absolute maximum difference you're going to get is a frame or so adding up to a fraction of a second.