DISCONTINUED: This product has been discontinued. See our latest Pixel Controllers.


  • Touring pixel driver: Hook up your pixel tape or dots using the supplied connector, connect to a network, and power it up. It couldn’t be more simple! And the unit’s rugged construction means that it’s built for life on the open road.
  • Built-in effects generator: Configured with our classic ENTTEC web-server, the Pixel Port’s on-board processor gives the user extensive effect options such as waveform, direction, speed, size, strobe, intensity and operates both on ‘background’ and ‘foreground’ programming layers.
  • Easy webpage configuration: Intuitive web-based configuration. Use your favorite browser, click a few buttons and you’re done.
  • Multiple network protocols support: Supports Art-Net 1/2/3, Streaming ACN sACN, and ESP. Use whichever you prefer, simply change the protocol using the web configuration.
  • Supports a wide range of LED pixel strips and dots: See Downloads section for a comprehensive table showing all currently compatible LED protocols.
  • Powerful control modes: Built-in standalone presets with the ability to record more. You can simply choose your preset and power the unit up – no further input is required.


Documentation & Files:

Below is the documentation and files for the Pixel Port PR1 (76302).