DISCONTINUED: This product has been discontinued. See our latest Pixel Controllers.


The PLink Pixie Linker provides an essential link between your 5V Pixie Driver and your system, allowing you to send PLink data over standard Cat 6 cabling in order to extend your LED setup over long distances.

ENTTEC’s PLink protocol has been especially designed to extend your LED pixel or Constant Voltage layout over long distances.

With their compact installation footprint, you can use a series of PLink Injectors to convert PLink data from your Pixie Linker allowing you to easily control LED pixel tape or pixel dots up to 300 metres away over standard CAT 6 cable.

Alternatively, use a Pixie Linker attached to a 5V Pixie Driver – to control Constant Voltage (CV) LED tape via a CVC3 or CVC4 using the same method!

Documentation & Files:

Below is the documentation and files for the Pixie Linker (73545).