DISCONTINUED: This product has been superseded by an updated version, DIN-Ethergate 71030 and ODE Mk3 70407.


  • Dual DMX: Ethergate Mk3 can be operated either as 2 DMX input, 2 DMX outputs or 1 in 1 out DMX ports.
  • Easy web page configuration: Web-based configuration. Use your favourite browser, and click a few buttons and you are done.
  • Multiple protocols support: Supports Art-Net 1/2/3, Streaming ACN sACN, and ESP. Use whichever you prefer, simply change it using the web configuration.
  • Small yet steady: Easily fits into a robust metal 9.5 inch 1 Unit rack. Two units can be mounted side by side to form a standard 19 inch rack.
  • Many options: Supports either LTP or HTP Merging (up to 2 sources). Supports RDM Over Art-Net (controller). And support for broadcast or unicast (in Input mode).