DISCONTINUED: These products have now been discontinued. 

Application Diagram


DIN-Input 8 (71001)


  • 8 isolated contact closure inputs on screw terminals
  • 500V isolation
  • Trigger on: contact open, contact close or change of state
  • In and Thru DIN-NET ports on RJ45 connectors
  • Up to 32 DIN-NET actions (1 input can trigger multiple actions)
  • Status LED
  • Standard 4 module wide din-rail enclosure
  • Operating 0->50 ambient


DIN-RS232 (71002)


  • RS232 settings: RS232 port (DTE or DCE configurable by jumpers) and RS232 port adjustable speed from 1200 to 115200 baud rate
  • Strings to send: Output string is 99 characters long max, and Input string matching is 99 characters long max
  • DIN-NET: Operates with other DINTEC devices compatible with DIN-NET. See Wiring chart for more details

DIN-Relay 4 (71009)


It can act as a switch to toggle loads with external power supply, such as lights. Or it can be connected to third-party systems such as PLCs to advise about any supported event in your lighting control system.

DIN-NET USB (71006)


  • Configure DIN-NET: Configure DIN-TEC interfaces from your PC. Simply connect DIN-NET USB to the PC, and run DIN-Tool App. From the App, you will be able to find all connected DIN-NET devices and configure them one by one.
  • Communicate with DIN-Tool: Discover how many interfaces currently on the network, using the DIN-Tool App. And DIN-NET USB allows you to communicate with the DIN-Tool App. Simply connect and run the App
  • Your Interface to the DIN-NET world: User defined Commands & Action for each destination (RS232). Manage each interface in the same software. Import / Export saved configurations for each interface

DIN-Power (71000)


  • DC jack and screw terminal power inputs
  • 9 to 24V DC input
  • Polarity protected
  • Status LED
  • Standard 4 module wide din-rail enclosure
  • Operating 0 to 50 °C ambient temperature