Redeem Complimentary License

You can redeem a complimentary EMU license with certain ENTTEC devices purchased after the 1st June 2020. 

  • 3 month license: DMX USB Pro/DMX USB Pro Mk2
  • 6 month license: ODE Mk2/ODE PoE Mk2
  • 12 month license: DMXIS

To redeem a complimentary license, create or log-in to the My Account page on our website and follow the simple steps in “My Devices” tab.

How do I pause my EMU subscription? 

Maybe you want to pause your subscription for EMU subscription between shows, simply navigate to your ENTTEC account and navigate to the subscription(s) tab and toggle the Auto-renew option to the OFF position. 

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Does my computer have to be online to license EMU? 

No, it’s possible to generate an EMU license based on your device’s hardware ID and export a license for use until your next renewal. 


Does EMU need to be online all the time to run? 

No, EMU has the ability to run offline, however, you will be required to connect your computer to the internet to allow EMU to check in with the license server after each subscription renewal. 

For the most part you won’t even realise this has happened, we even include a days grace period to ensure EMU won’t cut out on you once the clock strikes midnight. 

You may want to connect to the internet every so often to download the latest version of the Crescit fixture library (Updated every Monday).