Integrators can establish user-friendly interfaces for the S-Play to allow users to easy control pre-programmed light shows/sequences. This can be done in a few different ways:

  • Interfaces, a feature which provides the ability to create lightweight custom interfaces directly on the device itself. This can be set up in the "Interfaces" tab of the S-Play web page from firmware version 1.6.0 and onwards.

    For more information on this please view the S-Play User Manual.

  • A HTTP API for the device to allow a custom page to be created and hosted on a 3rd party device on the network that provides access to the S-Play engine.

  • An OSC API and a wide range of triggering options for users to opt for 3rd party interface applications to control the S-Play using OSC. This allows user to create an interface than map it to the S-Play. Examples of two of these are below: