Why can’t I see a DMX over Ethernet output from my S-Play?

If you cannot see output from your S-Play when playing back a cue and have configured your S-Play to be on the same network range as other devices on your network, firstly, check your playlist intensity is set to 100%, then check your output settings by navigating to the Settings page and selecting the output protocol and ensuring it is targeting the correct IP address if set to unicast.

If this does not work modify your S-Plays Net Mask to

If you are using a DHCP network, this can be achieved by modifying the DHCP settings of your router, alternatively, you can set a static IP for your S-Play manually by

  1. Navigate to Settings > Network Interface and disable DHCP.
  2. Update your S-Plays Net Mask to be: and pressing Update Network Settings
  3. After updating your S-Plays network settings it is recommended that it is power cycled.

A fast visual indication of if your S-Play is outputting a DMX over Ethernet stream is to check the indicators on the ethernet port are flashing quickly whilst your playlist is playing. - If these are flashing the issue is likely to be related to device configuration or DMX node configuration.

ArtNetominator, sACN View & CommsKit are all free protocol monitoring tools that allow you to view the packets being sent over your network to determine what is being actively sent from your S-Play.