Configure an NTP server

For more precise time-keeping the S-Play syncs with an NTP server when connected to the internet to update its internal clock. To accomplish this your S-Play will require an internet connection. Please ensure that proper network security measures are in place before connecting your S-Play to the internet.

The S-Play uses the following NTP servers for accurate timekeeping.


To enable syncing with the NTP servers you must first disable manual time within the S-Play settings. Be certain to click “update clock” after making changes.

Second, make certain that your location settings are properly configured and saved. This includes Latitude / Longitude.

Once these settings are saved, power cycle your device and check the time on the LCD to ensure all changes have been saved correctly. The S-Play is now synced with NTP servers.


Daylight saving time

If you set your S-Play to be in a specific location and configure Set Date Manually to OFF, with a connection to an NTP server, the S-Play will update automatically.

When daylight saving (summer time) starts or ends and the S-Play’s system time is set manually, you must manually update the time to reflect daylight saving time.