Default User

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If the 'Sign In' text is displayed on the S-Play you will need to sign into the account on the device. To do this click on the 'Sign In' text and login as the Default User. 

  • Username: user
  • Password: 123456

Once logged in Sign In will display as 'User'. From here you can toggle the Padlock to either be locked or unlocked. 

Click on the 'User' text to have the option to logout. This will limit the web interface access to the S-Play. 

Changing the password

Once logged in , the Sign In will display as 'User'. If you click on the 'User' text you have the ability to change the password. 

NOTE: Once you change this there is no recovery option. If you forget your new password. The only option is to factory reset your S-Play and restore a backup file.


Forgotten user password

Contact our support team if your password has been lost and your unit has been locked. Please provide your S-Play’s serial number whilst doing this.

The support team can help reset your unit to defaults for you to restore a backup.