In short; yes!

As the S-Play can playback multiple Playlists at once. – You could use each playlist to control lights in each room individually.


The key thing to remember is to keep the lights in each room on separate universes and only record data for the rooms you want to control in each dynamic cue (the S-Play differentiates by Universe only, not DMX channels).



- Room 1 should be on universe 1&2

- Room 2 should be on universe 3&4

And so on without overlaps…



The S-Play merges multiple Playlists as HTP if they overlap or take full priority if no other playlist is playing.


Consequently, you should ensure the S-Play only records the universes in the rooms you want to control per cue, (When recording dynamic cues only, select the relevant universes for the room you are controlling, not all 32).


For example, if you recorded data meant for universes 1&2 but recorded all 32 universes. When you play back the cue, it would send 0 values (a blackout) on universes 3->32.


Therefore as long as each room has a separate set of Playlists, only containing the universes destined for the lights in the room you shouldn’t have any issues with a multi room installation running off one S-Play.