Web Interface

A factory reset can be undertaken using either the web interface or LCD providing the user account is logged in. Performing a factory reset will result in: 

  • The Network settings returning to DHCP 
  • All cues, playlists and schedulers stored internally will be deleted 
  • The output universes will return to Art-Net 
  • Art-Net output will be set to broadcast 
  • sACN output will be set to multicast 

- Always take a backup before undertaking a factory reset
- Once a factory reset has been started the process will not stop until completion
- Do not remove power from the S-PLAY whilst a factory reset is in progress
Following a successful factory reset and the S-PLAY re-booting, ENTTEC recommends removing power for 10 seconds, then re-plugging your device.

Once it boots navigate to a 404 page on the device by modifying the URL to a page that doesn’t exist on the S-PLAY (i.e. This will automatically clear its web cache. 

LCD Menu 

Navigate to the settings within the LCD menu and locate Reset to Defaults and select “RESET”.