• Convert 2 DMX universes of DMX512 to Pixel Strip/Dots control protocols.
  • Configurable DMX start address and pixel grouping function to reduce control channel requirements.
  • Standalone show playback using inbuilt flash memory (4000 frames [~100 seconds]).
  • Option to play a show on DMX loss or blackout output.
  • Support for RGB and RGBW pixel strip and dots.
  • Wide (5-48VDC) operating voltage - power from the same source as your pixels.
  • All ports feature ESD surge protection and resettable fuses to block external faults & electrical noise propagation through control infrastructure.
  • Power and output status LED indicators.
  • Configurable and updatable via USB.
  • DMX input on RJ45 connectors. (ANSI E1.27-2).
  • Robust USB type-B connector.
  • Pluggable screw terminal output connectors.
  • Test output sequences via EMU (no external data source required).
  • Widely compatible FTDI driver USB support.
  • Backward compatible with the ENTTEC Pixie Driver API for USB -> SPI control.