For the most consistent output, pixel strips should be installed in an identical orientation if not using a diffuser (direct view). Otherwise, your pixel strip array looking something like this:

A black bug on a blue surface 
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As we can see from the image, every second strip appears to be a slightly different colour. This is especially noticeable in the reflection on the floor.

This isn’t an issue caused by signal error or voltage drop. It’s due to the asymmetric nature of the pixel light sources. The colored light produced by multi-color LEDs is caused by mixing the color of multiple single color light sources inside each LED package. These individual light sources are known as emitters. Emitters are at physically different points within each LED package. (This applies to both pixel and CV Strip).

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As the different light colors are not originating from the same point, when viewing the pixel s from extreme angles, it may be possible to see slight color variation.

Adding a diffuser on top of your pixel strips can help reduce color variance by merging and scattering the output of each emitter color and giving a more uniform light output if installing strips in different orientations.