All ENTTEC pixel strip comes with pre-soldered Male JST SM connector at the start and a Female JST SM connector at the end of the strip. Included in the pixel strip's anti-static bag is a short Female JST SM connector cable to be used as a lead in from the controller to the pixel strip's Male JST SM connector. ENTTEC do not sell JST SM cables and connector seperately, these can be found online from a third party seller.

These connectors are intended for quickly testing reels or short sections at low intensity to ensure the strip has not been damaged in transit prior to installation. These connectors are not designed for running multiple strips at full power - The JST SM connectors have a 3AMP rating.

There is no standard for cable colouring when it comes to LED tape. Please refer to the documentation for your tape to know which lines are which. 

When installing your strip, we recommend de-soldering the cables provided after the strip has been tested or cutting off the first pixel and soldering a cable line that is rated to suit your installation requirement or higher.

If you are looking to make a modular system with pluggable connectors, we recommend using 4pin XLR for touring applications (Max. draw 10A) or the Amphenol AT series connectors for robust outdoor connection, ensuring good cable retention and stranded cable of a sufficient cross-sectional area to handle your system’s current requirement.