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EMU VST Automation Lane naming

I use Ableton to automate individual faders (currently with DMXIS, would like to switch to EMU). It would be nice if the parameters mapped to Ableton showed a fixture and fader name rather than simple "Fader 1, Fader 2", etc. It would be very beneficial to see something like "SlimPAR 56 - Red", "SlimPAR 56 - Green",  "Intimidator 260 - Pan", "Intimidator 260 - Tilt", etc. This is especially important if EMU will only allow 1 instance of the VST.

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Thank you for the feature request. 

This will be taken into consideration, as we wait to see if other users experience the same problem. 

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I am not sure how this isn't a feature already!   If I am doing a show I just might have more than one fader....   would be nice to name my 27 I currently am using!  This would be a valuable feature.  

I have the same problem. Right now I am programming a show and I have to go back to emu. Change a parameter for it to show up gray in ableton. It would be very cool if the vst in ableton would have the name of the parameter in emu.

BTW, does anybody know a plugin where it is realized, want to see it and give for a proposal to EMU support team.

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